Objective: To observe clinical efficacy of Lung-toxin dispelling formula No.1 treating patients with corona virus disease 2019(COVID-19) type severe/type extremely severe, and summarize experiences of diagnosis and treatment.

Methods: We collected and analyzed clinical information on patients with COVID-19 type severe/type extremely severe, treated with Lung-toxin Dispelling Formula No.1, who were hospitalized at Zhumadian Central hospital and the First affiliated hospital of Henan University of T.C.M. from January 31st to February 27th. Results: All six patients had explicit epidemiological history, major symptoms were fever, cough, tachypnea, weakness and sore heavy muscles, combined with inappetence and diarrhea. The average age of the patients was 59-year old and the median time from onset to getting worse was 9 days, and ground glass opacity, lamellar, nodular high density shadow were mostly displayed in both lungs. Lesions progressed rapidly. After treatment with Lung-toxin Dispelling Formula No.1 combined with western medicine, the average time of PCR-NAD-test from positive to negative was 16 days, the average hospitalization days were 20 days, and all patients were cured and discharged.

Conclusion: Lung-toxin Dispelling Formula No.1 had certain clinical efficiency in treating patients of COVID-19 type severe/type extremely severe, further large sample clinical verification is needed.