Who We Are

The World Health Science Organization (WHSO) is a non-profit dedicated to the fusion of Eastern and Western health principles and practices.

WHSO was formed in 2018 to combat the global health crisis of ballooning expenditures and stagnating outcomes which has resisted solution since the 1980s.

WHSO proposes to impact the crisis by shifting the focus from the classic disease-centered model to a wellness-centered model based on fusion of Eastern and Western holistic and root-cause oriented approaches.

The organization’s first principle, echoing a World Health Organization principle, says health is not the absence of illness, but a status of perfect body and mind for which people must take their own primary responsibility.


Leading a revolution in the science of health:

   …moving beyond disease care to root causes in addressing the Global Health Crisis 

   …through fusion of Eastern health and wellness theories, methods, and practices with Western approaches


Simultaneously drive decreases in disease rates and improvements in measures of wellness, thus benefitting the global society through lessened disease burdens and improved social development, while delivering benefits to individuals through reduced costs and improved ability to live fulfilling and productive lives;

Accomplish this through the use evidence-based and data-driven science to demonstrate to the world the benefits of fusing “eastern” and “western” health and wellness theories, methods, and practices; 

And be the change agent to bring these fused practices into mainstream use throughout the world through example, education, and advocacy.



  • Infrastructure:  Develop the data collection, processing, and analysis capabilities to enable world-respected research
  • Evidence Based Success:  Identify then coordinate or execute the critical programs to show fusion approaches are efficacious


    • Teaching:  Develop seminar-style learning experiences to teach the concepts of harmony wellness
    • Conferences:  Bringing together the world’s best minds on wellness and health fusion approaches

      Standards and Certifications

      • Standards:  Harmonize international standards for traditional health practices and products and gain international acceptance
      • Certification:  Harmonize traditional health practice and production certification processes to aid international acceptance

      Why the World Health Science Organization?

      Scholars on both sides of the world recognize that we have barely moved the needle on applying integrated East and West approaches to addressing root causes of disease and the Global Health Crisis.  The WHSO is based on facilitating and enabling a collaborative approach between multiple scholars, organizations, and practitioners, and has those relationships.